Underpass Application


Job Description: The underpass was spalling and falling. To create a more even rail surface, it was first water-blasted, primed and Prosec 302 was used to fill the larger gaps on the rail cap. Another coat of penetrating sealed the grout before Prosec 202 was applied. The rail caps were then protected with 5mm of Prosec 202 and the vertical rail surfaces with 3mm of the same. Prosec 202  was chosen for its strength, quick set-up time and cost-effectiveness. Because the underpass has a high volume of pedestrian, a major concern for the project engineer was maintaining a quick turn-around time.

Other Coatings Evaluated for Project: Paints and epoxy coatings including penetrating epoxy scalers were evaluated but found ineffective for this project.

Follow-up Inspection: The city engineer checked the condition of the project 3 months after completion and was satisfied with the protection of the structure.



Underpass Project