Tunnel Application


Job Description: The underpass was built with a low grade concrete. The railing concrete was spalling and falling on passing cars. To create a more even rail surface, it was first hydroblasted at 3,500psi, primed and a quick-set grout was used to fill the larger gaps on the rail cap. Prosec 303 was chosen for its strength, quick set-up time and cost-effectiveness. Because the underpass has a high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, a major concern for the project engineer was maintaining a quick turn-around time.

Other Coatings Evaluated for Project: Paints and epoxy coatings including penetrating epoxy scalers were evaluated but found ineffective for this project.

Follow-up Inspection: The city engineer checked the condition of the project 3 months after completion. He was pleased with the protection of the concrete.



Tunnel Project